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Prepare For Spring Cleaning With This Checklist

It’s hard to believe spring is just around the corner, considering a majority of the country is still covered in snow. Before you know it, it will be time for spring cleaning! There are some things you can do now to get your home ready for spring cleaning so it won’t feel overwhelming when the time comes:

-Pull out your washer and dryer. Sweep and mop behind them and give them a good wipe down (yes, you do need to clean your washer! Refer to your manual to see how they recommend cleaning it.)

-Deep clean your dryer vents. There are a ton of tutorials out there, but you should hire a professional every once in a while to really get the job done.

-If you’d like to make your laundry room a little more photo-worthy, try putting your laundry soap and fabric softeners in other jars. Get creative!

-If you have socks that have no partner, and they’ve been around for a while, don’t toss them in the trash! Upcycle them and promote the socks to cleaning duty. They make great dusters!

-Vacuum out your sliding glass door track. This will make cleaning them later much easier!

-Sweep and mop the floors in your foyer and give the baseboards there a good scrub. While you’re there, clean the windows and glass in your door (if you have any).

-Give the front door a good scrub down, both inside and outside.

-If you have a closet in your foyer, it may be time to empty it out and put things back where they belong. Wash all those jackets and sweaters to get them ready to be stored away. I’d still leave a couple out, just in case Mother Nature has other plans!

-When you store away your winter clothes, don’t forget to toss a couple of DIY moth repellent pouches in there, so your clothes will stay bite-free!

-Check your window seals on all of your windows. Touch up any areas that need to be recaulked. Winter can be harsh on those seals!

-If you are lucky enough to have a mudroom, make sure to sweep and mop there as well. If anything is there that shouldn’t be, put it in the proper place.

-Take down any winter decor you may still have out and feel free to swap it with spring decor!

Once the weather gets a little warmer, here are a few things you can do to prep your patio:

-Inspect your patio and furniture for loose screws, broken patio stones, broken chairs, and any additional needed repairs.

-Clean your furniture and add some springtime colors to your cushions!

-Pressure wash your deck when the weather allows you to.

-Give your grill a good cleaning and inspection so it’s ready to go.

What do you do to get your home ready for spring cleaning? Let us know in the comments. We love seeing how other people clean!


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