About Us

Squeaky Green House Clean is a full-service cleaning company offering eco-friendly services to small businesses and residences in Oakland, CA.  Squeaky Green is a prominent and trusted name in the cleaning industry and provides personalized cleaning services designed to keep homes and businesses sparkling, beautiful, and ‘Squeaky Green Clean’. 

Our People

The Squeaky Green Clean Team is comprised of highly skilled professionals that are truly passionate about the work that we do every day. Our team members are fully vetted and go through a rigorous hiring process, which includes a background check. Additionally, our company is insured and bonded.

Core Values

Squeaky Green's core values include integrity, safety, timeliness, and swift communication. We treat every customer's home as if it is our own. We carry out our services with the utmost integrity and professionalism and utilize safe and effective products.


Our Mission

Squeaky Green is an eco-friendly small business proudly located in Oakland, California, that specializes in residential cleaning. We have a fresh and innovative approach to a not so "glamorous" industry, with the goal of delivering the very best value to our customers 100% of the time.


- Meet Our CEO -

Shirley Bellot
Squeaky Chief Officer

I grew up with immigrant parents from Haiti who came to the US speaking no English and did laborious jobs to survive. My dad was in construction and my mom did various jobs, which included cleaning houses. Eventually, she worked for a hotel and retired 36 years later. As a first-generation Haitian-American, a solid work ethic is engraved in my bones.


I got my start in interior design and although I loved it, I always had an affinity for hospitality and a heart for service. I also liked things very clean, neat and organized so cleaning seemed like a natural fit for me. Cleaning gives me the opportunity to be creative, work with my hands and beautifying homes, all at the same time. And believe it or not, I actually like the messy homes. They are a challenge but they allow me to really have the biggest impact and transform that persons' home into a sanctuary. As I like to say, “A clean home is a serene home”.

Although I started Squeaky Green as a solo cleaner, I am so proud of the growth and expansion that we have had with most of the credit going to our very loyal and kind customer base. I am thankful for our amazing cleaners too. Now we get to clean more homes, create job opportunities, and positively impact our Oakland communities. We are making a small difference one Squeaky Green Clean home at a time :)




Squeaky Chief Officer

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