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Clean These 5 Things At the End of Summer

The end of summer means kids go back to school and it’s time to start getting out the sweaters. It’s fall, ya’ll! Time for orange-colored leaves, cooler weather, and pumpkin everything! It also means it’s time to take care of your outdoor areas so next summer doesn’t get ruined by stinky pool toys or musty chair cushions. Here are 5 things to clean at the end of the summer:

1. Wash and store your pool/beach towels

They served you well all summer and unless you’re like me and use your beach towels year-round, it’s time to pack them away. Make sure to clean them with your favorite green detergent on the hottest setting your machine will allow. This will help to disinfect them and keep them fresh for next year!

2. Give your outdoor furniture a good scrub down

You want your furniture looking nice next summer, so grab your favorite green all-purpose cleaner and wipe them down with a damp cloth. Make sure to dust off all the dirt and debris beforehand. If you leave your furniture outside year-round, don’t forget to cover them up!

3. Clean that grill

All those delicious burgers and hot dogs you’ve been grilling all summer left behind a bit of a stuck-on mess. Soak your grill in a bucket of hot soapy water for a few hours, get a heavy-duty grill scraper, and scrub away! Wipe down the outside with a soft cloth to keep it nice and shiny for next year.

4. Prep your pool toys

Pulling out your pool toys only to discover they’re covered in mildew and grime sucks! This is where the magic of vinegar comes in to play - just put some on a paper towel or soft cloth and wipe them down. It will disinfect your pool toys and help to keep them nice and clean. Plus, no chemicals on anyone’s skin!

5. Clean your deck and porch

One of the summer’s most used spaces needs some TLC! Get out your mop and bucket and give it a good clean with your favorite green cleaner - just make sure you can use it on your floors! Make sure to protect your deck with a waterproof sealer. Greener options do exist, but they vary depending on your deck and your needs. Start by checking out ECOS Woodshield and Earth Safe Sealer.

What are some things you clean every summer? Any tips? Leave us a comment below!


Your Squeaky Green Team



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