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5 Eco-Friendly Ways To Wrap Your Gifts

You’ve become more environmentally conscious over the past few months or years, but now it’s the holiday season and you’re faced with….wrapping gifts! The wrapping paper you put on those gifts really just gets torn off and tossed, without a thought about the waste that’s being created! So how do you wrap your gifts but also not have so much waste? Here are 5 eco-friendly ways to wrap your gifts (and some of these can be reusable!):

1. Bandanas

Yes, you read that right! These guys come in a bunch of different colors and can usually be found at your local dollar store. They are cheap, can be reused, and will definitely get people talking. Using these may depend on the size of the gift to be wrapped unless you get creative!

2. Newspaper

I’m sure we’ve all used this one at some point in our lives, but it’s often forgotten about. Newspapers can be picked up at the store for pretty cheap (depending on the paper), so they won’t hurt your budget. Plus, you can recycle them! Just make sure to get a newspaper where the ink doesn’t rub off, or you may have some messy gift-opening hands.

3. Leftover Fabric or Tea Towels

I love this idea because you could personalize it to match the receiver’s tastes. But even if it’s just leftovers from that sewing project you keep putting off (or is that just me?)it will definitely make a unique, reusable gift wrap. If the gift receiver doesn’t want to keep it, check out your local libraries for craft groups and donate the scraps.

4. Recycled Brown Paper

I know this sounds pretty basic, but some people prefer to have a uniform look to their gifts under their tree. Plus you can easily add little personal touches, as these are a plain background. The paper can also be recycled. Just make sure you use paper sticky tape, as not all tapes will stick to this.

5. Baskets and Bins

I love this one! You can find bins and baskets often at your local dollar store or even on super sale/clearance. Put all your gifts inside, cover the top with recycled tissue paper or recycled brown paper, and tie a reused ribbon on top! This looks so pretty and pretty much everyone can find a use for a basket, so really it’s an extra helpful gift!

BONUS TIP: Gift Decorations

I had to throw this one up because the above options can seem a little….plain (except maybe the fabric and bandanas). Instead of buying that bag of bows, get some festive colored twine and tie them around the packages. You can get as many colors as you’d like! For an added touch, you could collect ivy sprigs or some other festive branch from outside - just make sure it’s bug-free and not a dangerous plant. You could also use some wooden tree ornaments to make those gifts pop! For labels, get some recycled tags and tie them on the twine. The possibilities are endless!

There are a ton of ways you can be more eco-friendly when wrapping your gifts this holiday season. What are some of your favorite ways to wrap gifts that are eco-friendly? Leave a comment down below!


Squeaky Green House Clean Team



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