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Impress Your Cleaners (and Friends) With These Vacuum Hacks

Vacuums are a wonderful cleaning invention. They can pick up pet hair, dust, small debris, allergens, and a whole lot of other stuff, especially when you dig out the attachments. We love vacuums! Upgrade your vacuum game with these hacks - your cleaners and friends will be surprised with your vacuum prowess!

1. Roller Brush TLC

It is the WORST when a ton of hair and string get all wound up around the roller brush on your vacuum. It feels like it takes forever to cut through it because the scissors can’t really get into the tiny spaces due to their size. Solution: use a seam ripper! If you sew, you already know how handy these little things are. They will cut right through all the wound up stuff in your roller brush and will be able to get into the little spaces!

2. Crevice Attachment 2.0

The attachments on your vacuum really make a difference when cleaning different areas of your home. The crevice attachment especially is fantastic for getting in the door tracks, that area between your carpet and the wall, and a ton of other spaces. But sometimes it still isn’t enough. Try adding a cardboard tube (like those found in toilet paper or paper towels) to the end of the attachment. You can even bend the tube to fit the crevices that you need!

3. Super TIght Spaces

When was the last time you cleaned your keyboard or remotes? These are some of the places you really want to keep clean as they are high traffic areas that tend to hold on to germs… and debris! Have you looked in your keyboard? It can seem impossible to get rid of the dust and debris there, but try this hack: you know those condiment bottles they have at picnics or restaurants that have the long, skinny spout to squirt out the contents? Put one of those on the end of your vacuum hose to get into your keyboard, remotes, and any other really tight, small spaces.

4. Playdoh - Oh No!

Getting playdoh in the carpet can seem like the end of the world. That stuff sticks EVERYWHERE and just loves to burrow in the rug! But don’t worry, you can easily remove it with your vacuum! Let it completely dry first (which may take a day or so), use the brush attachment to break up the dough, and vacuum it up! If there are any leftover pieces, use a damp, soapy paper towel to gently rub over the area and they should come right out.

5. The Hose Knows

If you’re vacuuming an area where there may be tiny items in the carpet, like earrings or maybe around a tool bench where screws, nuts, and bolts may be, you definitely don’t want to suck those up! Take a pantyhose and put it around your crevice attachment. This way, the tiny bits won’t go into your vacuum and you can easily pick them up.

What are your favorite vacuum hacks? Let us know in the comments below! We love seeing what you do!


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