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What to Clean After A Cold

Getting a cold is a part of life. They seem to come at the worst times! After you or your family member start to feel better, you'll want to clean your home for sure. But don't forget to tackle these often forgotten areas:

1. Wash Your Bedding and Pillows

You should be doing this once every week or 2, but your sheets and pillows can hold in a lot of germs and dust mites. I don’t know about you, but freshly cleaned sheets are just so comfy and help me sleep much better (which combats your cold!).

2. Switch Your Towels

Really, bath towels should be changed out daily and hand towels every week at the minimum. They tend to hold on to a lot of icky stuff and can cause cross-contamination. Just to be safe, switch out all of the towels.

3. Change the Cups

A lot of people tend to drink from the same cup for a few days (or are we the only ones who have the same cup on the nightstand for a couple of days?). Gather up all of the cups lying around and switch them out with new ones. Do this on a daily basis until you or the person getting sick feels better.

4. Clean All the Things

It’s time to disinfect! Get out your favorite cleaner and clean those areas that are commonly touched: doorknobs, light switches, locks, cell phones, remotes, refrigerator handles, the buttons on your washer/dryer, the shower lever, oven, sinks, computer keyboards, computer mice/touchpads, and your toilet. You should be cleaning these on a regular basis but give them extra love when someone is coming down with an illness. If you’re looking for great DIY green cleaners, check out our post!

5. Get Supplies

Make sure to put a box of tissues in every room and near the couch. As a bonus, if you have some, put a bottle of sanitizer next to the box. Washing your hands is always the best option but sometimes you can’t get to a sink and soap.

Bonus Tip: Water

This is a great life hack but DRINK YOUR WATER! Make sure everyone is getting enough water daily. There are great interactive apps on the market if you need help remembering.

Cleaning after an illness can be tricky because you have to clean all the things! Do you have an after illness cleaning routine? Let us know!


Your Squeaky Green Team



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