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Clean These Forgotten Items While You Have Time

It’s no secret that there are places and items we often forget to clean in our daily lives. It’s not that we do this on purpose, but we are always so busy and just don’t have time to really, REALLY, clean our homes. Now that a lot of us have some extra time on our hands, this is the perfect time to make sure these forgotten areas are getting some much needed TLC:

-Dust all of the ceiling fans in your home

-Clean and sanitize all of the chairs in your home, including recliners and children’s chairs

-Clean the drains in your shower

-Descale your shower head if you have hard water

-Disinfect and clean your humidifiers

-Clean your windows both inside and outside

-Sanitize all of the light switches and door handles in your home (do this on a regular basis)

-Wipe down and clean your kitchen cabinet doors and disinfect any knobs

-Dust all of the photo frames in your home, even the ones hanging on your wall

-Wipe down all of the doors in your home (both sides!)

-If you have a fan in your bathroom, dust out the grate

-Clean your baseboards

-Take apart your air purifiers and give them a good dusting

-Clean your refrigerator and freezer (inside and outside). If you have a second one, remember to clean that one too!

-Wipe down and sanitize your kitchen table including the legs

-Dust all of the lampshades

-Wash your curtains (refer to the tag for instructions)

-Clean your shower curtain (yes, really!)

-Wash your bedding (you probably already do this, but just in case!)

-Check your fire alarms and carbon monoxide alarms. Replace batteries if needed and give them a dusting.

-Wipe down your couches and ottomans

-Clean your bed frame and headboard

-Clean and disinfect your washer and dryer (refer to your manual on how to do this)

-Wash your dishwasher

-Clear out and organize your pantry. Make sure to wipe down shelves before you put your food back in

-Disinfect and clean your trash can (don’t forget the one outside!)

-Clean your oven

-Vacuum inside of your couches and cushy chairs. Your vacuum probably has an attachment for this.

-Clean and sanitize children’s toys and wash stuffed animals

-Wash and clean out your car

-Clean all of the mirrors

There are loads more things you can clean and organize during this time. Did we forget any? Let us know!

Stay Safe!


Squeaky Green House Clean



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