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The Best Flowers to Plant During the Spring

Spring is a great time to get back out in your garden. There are a ton of great plants and flowers that are perfect for planting at this time of the year. That’s also the problem! There are too many flowers to pick from. How do you know which ones will do best? We’ve made a list of the best flowers to plant during the spring:

1. Gladiolus

These guys give some seriously colorful blooms! The best part is you can plant them now and enjoy their colors throughout the summer. But if you live in an area that’s typically wet in the fall and wintertime, you might want to dig up the bulbs so they don’t rot. Of course, you can always leave them and see what happens. Up to you!

2. Lily

When I think of Easter/Springtime, I always think of lilies first. These gorgeous flowers come in a variety of colors and types and, like gladiolus, will continue to bloom throughout the summer. The best part is you can leave these guys in the ground and they should continue to bloom each year.

3. Dahlias

If you’re looking for a flower that will look great in your garden AND that will last more than a day in a vase, look no further! Dahlias will continue to bloom from mid-summer and they will last about a week and a half or so in a vase. Like the gladiolus, they need to be dug up each fall and stored for planting during the spring. They can rot or freeze pretty easily. When you plant them, make sure to plant them in an area with full sun - they will love you for it!

4. Peonies

While they don’t bloom for very long depending on your region (about 3 weeks to a month or so, around May), you can leave them in the ground for winter and they will bloom the following spring! They love both full and partial sun, so make sure to give them some light.

5. Calla Lily

These flowers come in several colors and really are quite magnificent. They’re a pretty hardy flower so you can plant them in the spring and leave them over winter. They will bloom every spring. You’ve got to love low maintenance flowers with beautiful petals! Not to mention, they look amazing in a bouquet or vase.

What are your favorite flowers to plant in the springtime? Bonus points if you don’t have to dig them up again in the fall! Let us know below. We’d love to see photos of your garden if you have them!


Squeaky Green House Clean Team



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