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How to Get Your Kids Excited About Cleaning

Getting your kids to help clean year round may seem like a chore (see what I did there?). But it doesn’t have to be! There are some ways to get your kids involved and even excited about helping you clean! Try out these tips:

Stick with age-appropriate chores

It’s important that kids are doing chores or cleaning things that they can actually do. If something is too difficult, they will most likely quit and be less likely to help in the future. For example, you probably don’t want your 6-year-old washing dishes, but your 10 year old certainly can!

Get them involved in the goal process

This is especially helpful for things like spring cleaning, but it can work year-round. For example, when discussing tidying their rooms, instead of just telling them they need to, explain why as it relates to them. If they clean their room up, they’ll have more room to play or build a fort or tent, etc. This will help them feel more invested in the task. Plus, kids love being included or involved, so they may come up with some chores for the list too!

Invent some cleaning games

There are a ton of kids chores apps out there, but it’s not necessary to add tech to your cleaning time. Kids love games! Have them help create games around their chores. For example: use painters tape and make a box on the floor. Have your child try to sweep all the dirt in the box. This is fun and it helps when it’s time to put it in the dustpan. Also, a basketball hoop over a trash can or laundry hamper can be tons of fun!

Inspire their creativity

Have you ever seen those videos of the artists that create amazing murals out of sand, only to sweep them away when they’re finished? Check some of those videos out with your kids. Then apply it to your chores! If you’re doing yard work, use those raked up leaves or sticks to make a work of art and then toss (maybe snap a picture first!). If you’re indoors, things like shredded papers or old magazines can be used to create fridge-worthy art. And the kids will LOVE it!

Reward it, don’t stress it

Let’s face it - sometimes your child won’t do a chore fully or the way that you would do it (after all, they have a lot less experience than you!). Don’t stress it! They are learning and will learn from you. If you’re stressing, they will think cleaning is something stressful or to be avoided. Try out our tips and take a breath! When chores are done, use a reward system of your choosing. Chore charts are very popular because it’s visual and let’s the kids see what they’ve done and need to do. Make sure to get them involved in picking a reward, especially as they get older. Some people give out an allowance, others treats. The reward is up to you!

Do you have any tips or tricks that you use to clean with your kids? Leave a comment below!


Your Squeaky Green Team



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