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5 Tips On Cleaning Up After a Messy Playtime

A messy playtime is fun! Kids do some of their best learning by being hands-on and making a mess. Playdoh, painting, glitter, all of it is so much fun! But cleaning it up...not so much. Hopefully, these tips on cleaning up after a messy playtime helps you to clean up quickly!

1. Playdough In The Carpet

Playdough is great but inevitably, some of it will end up embedded in your carpet. This stuff can be such a pain to get up! Your first instinct is to use a carpet cleaner - DON’T! It can make the color from the playdough stain your carpet. Instead, let the dough dry completely, which may take a day or two. Use the brush tool on your vacuum to break up any large clumps into smaller pieces and then vacuum it up! If you have any dough left over, use a damp, soapy paper towel and wipe the floor.

2. Glitter, Glitter EVERYWHERE

This stuff just gets into every place imaginable, doesn’t it? It can really be a pain to clean. Next time you have a glitter mess on your hands, get out some playdough, and use it to pick up the glitter. If you run out of space, work the glitter into the dough and try again. Bonus: the dough is now sparkly and kids will LOVE it!

3. Slime In Your Hair, Slime Everywhere

This sticky creation has been all the rage amongst kids for years now and for good reason - it’s fun! What isn’t fun is when it gets stuck to clothing or hair. To clean it up, start by scraping off as much as you can. Then, soak the garment or hair in some white distilled vinegar until the slime is softened. Then simply rinse until the slime comes off and wash as usual.

4. Paint All The Things

Who else here loves to paint? If you have little ones, our first suggestion would be to buy washable paint. But if you haven’t and now have paint all over your clothes, don’t fret. Place the clothing in some rubbing alcohol and let it soak for 2 minutes (if the paint is really dried on there, let it sit a bit longer). Scrub it with a toothbrush and the paint will loosen up (by the way, have we told you how much we love using old toothbrushes?). Then simply wash it on cold to remove the remaining paint and alcohol smell.

5. Sparkles and Confetti

The cleanup always lasts more than the fun on this one, am I right? Not anymore! Just use your vacuum to clean confetti fast. If they are stuck to containers or any surface (that static cling gets us EVERY TIME), simply wrap tape around your fingers and use that to quickly and easily pick it up.

Messy playtimes are fun but they don’t have to be a pain to clean. What are your favorite messy play cleaning hacks?


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