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5 Things You Can Do With Castile Soap

Castile soap is one of those soaps that say “can do!” It can do almost everything (it even says so on the bottle!). It is one of those secret ingredients that we carry in our baskets! Here are 5 ways we love to use castile soap:

1. All-Purpose Cleaner

Get a spray bottle and dilute some castile soap with water and spray away! You only need a bit of soap so that bottle will last you a long time! It’s also safe for kids to use so they can help too - and who doesn’t love getting the kids to clean up?

2. Dishwashing Soap

That same bottle of soap you bought to make your cleaner can also be used to clean your dishes! You can recycle an old dish soap bottle or buy yourself a fancy one. Mix a 10:1 castile soap with water and scrub away!

3. Mopping

I hope you haven’t put away your bottle of castile soap! Take it out and make some excellent floor cleaner. Use about ¼ cup of castile soap with a few gallons of hot water to make your floors shine!

4. Stain Remover

Legend has it, some people have been able to remove wine stains with this power soap! Use a 1:1 ratio with water and give the stain a good scrub for a few minutes. You can also use this on clothes and linens. As always, make sure to test a small area first!

5. Dog Wash

Stop buying those expensive dog shampoos and use some castile soap! Make sure you use the unscented version as a lot of essential oils are not meant for dogs and can cause them harm. Give your pooch a nice massage while you soap them up. They will love you even more for it!

BONUS USE: Plant Spray

Castile soap makes a great organic pesticide, which is perfect for your plants (especially inside where you may have little hands or paws touching your plants). Mix 1 teaspoon of unscented castile soap in a spray bottle filled with water. If you use a scented version, make sure the concentration isn’t too high as that can harm your plants.

Castile soap is a fantastic, multi-purpose cleaning powerhouse. Did I mention it comes in several scents? We love it! Do you have any other castile soap uses you’d like to share? Leave us a comment below!


Your Squeaky Green Team



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