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5 More Common Things People Forget to Clean (and How to Clean Them)

Back in October, we shared with you a blog post about some commonly forgotten things while cleaning. It’s hard to believe that there are some things that you just don’t think about cleaning. You have it down to a science, you remember to get the light switches, clean the ice cube tray, all of it. So what could you be forgetting? We have 5 more things you most likely overlook while cleaning (and how to clean them):

1. Purses/Backpacks/Briefcases

When was the last time you cleaned out your purse/backpack/briefcase? Ok, the kids’ backpacks have probably been cleaned out at least but when have you actually cleaned them? Don’t be embarrassed if you can’t remember! They carry the important items that we must have, but they need a little care (and disinfecting) too! Refer to the cleaning tag or manual that came with your purse/backpack/briefcase. You’ll want to clean it according to the fabric type. Make sure to disinfect the handles, any locks/snaps/buttons/handles, etc, as well as the bottom, since they get set down in a lot of different places. Once it’s clean, make a designated space for it in your home, like on a tray or a hook. That way, you aren’t spreading the germs that get on your bag onto other surfaces.

2. Toaster

You most likely wipe down your counters every night, but have you cleaned your toaster recently? You’ll want to unplug it and empty the crumb tray of course, but also use a small brush to dust out any remaining crumbs. Wash the crumb tray with soap and water to get it nice and clean and before you replace it, shake the toaster out over the trash (or sink if you have a compactor). Don’t forget the outside of the toaster! Clean it with your favorite cleaner. If it has some stubborn spots, try using your favorite degreaser. You should definitely empty the crumb tray and wipe down the exterior whenever you use it, and then do a monthly deep clean. Personally, I would also disinfect the knob/handle on it as well.

3. Bathroom Exhaust Fans

They are great for clearing the bathroom after your shower, but they also attract almost every dust particle in the entire bathroom. You’ll want to clean and dust the grate so your vent can run efficiently! It’s super easy too! Vacuum the dust or debris then remove the grate and soak it in the sink for a short bit before scrubbing it. While that soaks, turn off the breaker and use some of your vacuum attachments to get rid of the dust on the fan itself. If there are areas where you still can’t reach, use a small paintbrush to loosen the dust. Once that’s done, you can turn the breaker back on and go scrub the grate with your favorite green cleaner, dry, and replace it. If you vacuum out and clean the grate once a week, you should only need to clean the fan once a year, depending on the size of your bathroom.

4. Bathroom Walls Around the Toilet

Yes, you read that right! Cleaning the toilet and all of its parts, plus mopping the floor is commonly done while cleaning the bathroom. But I bet many of you have never thought about cleaning the walls around the toilet! Remember, when you flush the toilet, a zillion little particles full of...stuff, all fly around your bathroom (which is why you should NEVER store your toothbrush near the toilet!). You can contain it somewhat by closing the lid, but it still happens. The walls around the toilet are no exception. Disinfectant can be pretty hard on your paint, but you can always add a little coat of paint now and then. Fair trade for clean walls!

5. Toothbrush Holder

You know all about taking care of your toothbrushes (and that you can upcycle them when it’s time to get a new one), but what about the holder you put it in? The outside may look clean, but take a look inside...not so pretty! If you’re putting a wet toothbrush in the holder, that moisture and such can build up and create a nice breeding ground for bacteria. Yuck! You’ll want to be cleaning this once a week for sure!

How many of these do you remember to clean? If your first thought was “OMG NONE OF THESE!!”, it’s ok! Now you know. Ask your friends if they clean these forgotten items - chances are, they don’t!


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