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5 Habits To Help Your Home Always Stay Organized

Once you’ve done a complete organization (or maybe not!), it’s really easy to fall back on old habits. Before you know it, you’re surrounded by clutter again! You see other people that always have an organized home and wonder how they manage to do it? Sometimes, it’s the magic of pushing stuff out of the way to take a photo (guilty!) but other times people just stay on top of it. How? Here are some habits to help your home always stay organized:

1. Make a List

This one is pretty simple but effective: make a list of all of the chores and general organizing that need to be completed daily, weekly, and even monthly. This way, you will know what needs to be done and when. You can use old fashioned pen and paper, an app, or even a dry erase board on your fridge!

2. Get Rid of the Trash

You know that pile of old receipts, those broken down boxes, junk mail, and general debris you just have laying around? Get rid of it! You’ll be amazed at how quickly this stuff can accumulate and it really makes everything look cluttered.

3. Use Your Downtime

Everyone has a spare few minutes here and there. Instead of using them to check your favorite social media app, use it to tackle any small tasks on your list. For example: wiping down mirrors, a quick sweep, loading/unloading the dishes, cleaning the toilets, etc. You’ll find that you can fit in a few simple tasks during the day, and it will make it much easier to do a regular cleaning!

4. Take Something With You

Before you leave a room, take a quick glance around: is there something out of place that you could return to its proper place in the next room? Take it with you and put it back! Get in the habit of doing this when you leave a room. You’ll find that your home has less clutter and cleaning will be much easier.

5. Just Do It Already

It’s not just a slogan for a popular shoe company, but a great piece of advice! Stop putting off your chores, as it will create an even bigger mess (and make you feel more “ugh!” when finally doing it). Make a schedule, as you should have done when you made your list, and stick to it.


Keep Your Cleaning Supplies In One Place

I typically store my supplies under my kitchen sink, but some people just let them be...wherever! Keeping all of your cleaning supplies in one area makes it easier to clean when it’s time. If you want to really step up your cleaning game, get yourself a basket or a little cart with wheels so when it’s cleaning day, you can bring all of your supplies with you! No more going back and forth to get what you need (or getting what you forgot...or is that just me?). Unless, of course, you’re trying to get more of a workout!

It can be easy to stay organized if you follow these steps... Ok, maybe just easier! What are some things you do at home to stay organized? Let us know below!


Your Squeaky Green Team



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