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10 Hacks You Need to Know to Clean Your Car

Your car may not have gotten a lot of use lately (unless you’re an essential worker, in which case THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts!), but chances are it still needs a good clean. California’s shelter-in-place is slowly being lifted on May 4th (Stage 2 of reopening), so many of you will be returning to work soon. Why not give your ride a nice shine? Here are some great hacks to cleaning your car - because who doesn’t love hacks?

1. Use a Coffee Filter to Dust

Yes, really! They are lint-free which means no little bits of cloth left behind. Perfect for your dashboard!

2. Air Vents

It can feel impossible to get in those little spaces, but guess what can...a small foam craft brush! It’s perfect and very affordable. If you don’t have one, canned air works great as well.

3. Floor Mats

Use your favorite carpet cleaner on the mats and then toss them in your washer. They will look brand new!

4. Cup Holders

How do these tiny areas collect so much grime? Good thing we have this hack for you - take an old sock, put it an old travel cup (pull it on from the bottom), spray with your favorite green cleaner, put it in the cup holder, and swish it around!

5. Removing Pet Hair

This works great for cloth seats. Use a spray bottle filled with water, spray your seats (don’t soak them!), and use a squeegee to brush it up!

6. Crevices

These small areas of your car are really hard to get into. No problem! Use a flathead screwdriver and put a cleaning cloth on the end. This will help you clean those nooks and crannies!

7. Windows

A quick way to clean your windows is to use some baby wipes. It will help get the pollen and dirt off the outside and leave them streak-free!

8. Bugs, Bugs, Bugs

Getting bugs stuck on the front of your car is inevitable. You’ll want to remove them asap as they can ruin your paint. A simple hack for this is a dryer sheet! They remove them very quickly and the best part is you can keep a box in your car so you can remove them after you get home. Plus your car will smell great - 2 hacks in 1!

9. Make It Smell Great

This one is super easy - take a wooden clothespin, put 5-10 drops of your favorite essential oil on it, let it dry, and clip it to one of your vents. These air fresheners are healthier for you and the environment. Plus, you can get a bag of them for pretty cheap so switching out scents is easy!

10. Line Your Cupholders

Earlier we mentioned how to clean your cupholders. Now that they’re clean, take silicone cupcake holders and place them in your cup holders. They will collect the dirt and moisture so all you’ll have to do is remove them and clean.

Cleaning your car doesn’t have to be difficult when you use these hacks and clean smart. What are some of your favorite car cleaning hacks? Let us know in the comments!


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