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4 Home Organization​ Hacks That You'll Love

Having an organized home not only makes cleaning easier, but it also can save your sanity! It can be so frustrating spending a long time looking for something, only to find it broken or spoiled. There are infinite ways to organize your home, but below are some quick and easy tools to use that you may already have around the house.

1. Mason Jars

These jars aren’t just for preserves! They are a great way to store a variety of items. In your kitchen, use them to store your flours, sugars, and dried goods. This was, you get rid of the bags that can break open and are hard to stack. Just make sure to write what they are and the expiration date somewhere on the jar. You can also use them to organize office supplies. Get rid of that junk drawer and divide up your pens, highlighters, paper clips, etc. into their own jars. This also makes for a pretty display! If all else fails, they make great cups! The best part about mason jars is that you can often upcycle them from the foods you already buy!

2. Command Hooks

Have you been in the hook aisle lately? There is a hook for EVERYTHING! Hang up your keys, your bath towel, or even your coat! They can also be used to help store stuff under your sinks: stick a few on the doors to the cabinets under your sink. Then, you can hang up things like your curling irons or even little baskets to help hold small stuff. Bye-bye messy cabinets!

3. Over-the-door Shoe Holder

These things are great for shoes, but did you know they can be used for so much more? Put one on the inside of your utility closet door and use it to store your favorite cleaners. If you need more space in your baby’s room, hang one on the door (or use command hooks and hang it from your wall) and use it to store your odds and ends. Teachers: this one's for you! You can use it to organize supplies of course, but did you think about using it to hold student’s water bottles? Each student has a slot with their name and they can put their water bottle in it. That will save some spills for sure! And parents: you can do the same thing but with snacks!

4. Lazy Susan - They aren’t just for your kitchen table! I have seen these amazing plates used to store everything, from the hard to reach pots and pans in the kitchen cupboard to organizing the cleaning supplies under the sink. However, I recently saw someone use it to organize their hair care and skin care in their bathroom. GENIUS! Now you can see everything you have!

Ice Cube Trays - I know what you’re thinking. What does an ice cube tray have to do with organizing? The answer is...a lot! You can use these little trays to sort everything. I have used them to sort my jewelry. This way, you can open your drawer and see exactly what you have. The bonus to this is that if you put the necklace or bracelet in gently, it won’t have any knots to undo! You can also use them to organize small desk items and spare change. No more junk drawer!

There are so many things that can be repurposed to help with organizing your home. What are some of your genius ideas? Leave us a comment below!


Your Squeaky Green Team 

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